Bringing different viewpoints together

Introducing Ella Lundström, Ecohelix Project Manager

Meet Ella Lundström, Project Manager at Ecohelix, who joined our team last September. Ella is a proactive individual with a passion for getting things done and achieving tangible results. She excels in asking insightful questions to bring clarity and understanding to the table. She drives sustainable development through stakeholder management.

“I’m a doer who wants to drive things and see results. I’m skilled at asking questions that others might overlook, bringing clarity and understanding,” says Ella, highlighting her key characteristics. “What fascinates me most at Ecohelix are the vast opportunities with the product and applications in improving the sustainability of daily life products. I really enjoy the opportunity to work in a company that has a meaningful purpose, a unique solution, and a dynamic outlook,” Ella emphasizes.

Driving complex development projects

Ella has strong background in business and market development. Her experience covers planning and implementing complex development projects, integrating sustainable development goals, and applying a rights-based approach, to climate change adaptation, mitigation, and resilience projects. Ella worked previously for NIRAS Development Consulting, focusing on systemic change for inclusive and sustainable development.

Her career has taken Ella to multiple countries to live and work with people from different backgrounds. Ella has always enjoyed being a person, who brings different stakeholders and viewpoints together, interprets and bridges the gaps to increase common understanding. This provides ground for success. “In Ecohelix, this means having the ability to consider how Ecohelix engages with different stakeholders so that we expand our partnerships and means for change. Bringing system thinking into the equation and exploring the perspective of the whole society. Emphasizing not only the technical capabilities but also the purpose and meaning of Ecohelix, elements that together can truly make a change,” Ella clarifies.

Focusing on business development, strategy and compliance

In her role at Ecohelix, Ella will focus on business development, strategy, and compliance. She will also contribute as application specialist for funding and grants and support the work to overcome market barriers such as certifications.

“I enjoy searching for solutions, developing strategies, and driving processes, communicating a clear agenda, and implementing projects in coordination with others. You will find that I am comfortable in most social settings, in negotiations with government bodies, in technical discussions with partners, and in the field,” Ella adds.

“I’m really happy to have Ella on board Ecohelix’s team. She brings complementary expertise to Ecohelix’s team, including sustainable development, business management and public funding applications. Ecohelix, has already acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and approval as food contact substance for the EU market. We are about to acquire all necessary certifications in also in China and the US and all relevant markets for WOODMER products, so that our partners can utilize the benefits of sustainable, wood-based materials in their applications and products. This is an area where I value Ella’s vast experience, capability to drive complex processes, and ability to work in diverse environments,” completes Petri Oinonen, CEO of Ecohelix.

Ella holds two MSc degrees in “Business and Economics” and Agronomy respectively. She speaks fluent Swedish and English, advanced Spanish, a few other languages on intermediate level and is currently learning Arabic. A fun fact of Ella is that she keenly sings kids songs – at times with target audience being her one year old son (and husband) but just as often reluctant people in her surroundings, as songs appear sporadically and out of tune. Ella enjoys skiing and sailing in her spare time.