Woodmer® Biopolymer

Ecohelix provides high performing WOODMER® biopolymer products, sustainable emission reducing materials for formulators and brand owners. Ecohelix WOODMER® product is a wood-based ampiphilic biopolymer which consists of wood components hemicellulose and lignin. Through a sophisticated biomimicking process using laccase enzyme as a catalyst, we can create a high performing and controllable polymer structure.

WOODMER® biopolymer possesses film forming and adhesive properties and is surface active which makes it highly useful in several different application areas, such as adhesive, dispersant, barrier, emulsifier and film former.

WOODMER® products are renewable polymer products from wood biomass side streams. They have very good sustainability profile as their production emits only 0.19 tnCO2/tn product.

Novel bio-based products will have low environmental impact, reducing up to 96% of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to competing solutions. In some cases, Woodmer products have up to 20 times higher performance than existing solutions in the market.

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WOODMER® Adhesive

WOODMER® Adhesive is a water-based adhesive, which comes in a water solution of about 50w% and viscosity in the range of 1000-2000cP. High dry content and low viscosity enables a high wet tack and fast drying time. Other product features are good penetration to porous materials and good resistance to heald and cold. WOODMER® Adhesive can replace food-based adhesives such as starch, dextrin and casein as well as fossil oil-based PVA adhesives.

WOODMER® Adhesive has potential to be used in following applications:

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Packaging materials
  • Tube winding
  • Laminating
  • Wet label glue for bottles

WOODMER® Dispersant

WOODMER® Dispersant is water-based dispersing agent, which comes in a water solution of around 20w%. By a well-defined and narrow molecular weight together with the negative charges of the polymer, it is possible to improve the separation of particles in suspension preventing their clumping and enhancing the solids loading. WOODMER® Dispersant can replace fossil oil-based dispersants such as fluoro-carbon polymers, polyacrylates, polyamide and stearates.

Woodmer ™ biopolymer products used in packaging


  • Barrier coatings
  • Binders
  • Adhesives
  • Dispersants

Using Woodmer ™ biopolymer products in construction


  • Adhesives
  • Dispersing agents
  • Fire retardants
Woodmer ™ biopolymer products in cosmetics


  • Film formers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Dispersants

Other applications

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Building entirely from wood – Ecohelix sustainable production facility

Ecohelix has teamed up with Sweco, Eurocon Oy and AFRY AB to build a modern production facility entirely from wood. This highly ecological production plant planned for Örnsköldsvik in Sweden will produce 15 000 tons of renewable wood-based polymeric products. Ecohelix WOODMER® biopolymer can be used as sustainable component in paper chemical, packaging and cosmetics … Read more

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Let´s go to Domsjö

Domsjö Fabriker is a forward looking biorefinery, making more from the tree. Together with the owner, Aditya Birla and the customers, Domsjö Fabriker can help to drive development towards a sustainable bioeconomy that utilizes wood as raw material. Main products of the company are cellulose, lignin and bioethanol, all with an origin in sustainable Swedish forestry. The relationship between Domsjö Fabriker and Ecohelix was born during the early days of Ecohelix, when enthusiastic scientists and industrialsts met in the community of Royal Institute of Technology and Greenhous Labs, exchanged ideas, worked to proof their ideas right and started to think about the expansion from lab scale innovation to industry scale production. Now, the cooperation has raised to the next level.

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The Ecohelix Origin

Ecohelix’s main innovation is related to hemicellulose, which is on average about 25–30% in trees. It seems downright incredible that it has not been able to take advantage of this before. Now, things have changed and Ecohelix provides a solution. It has been the result of persistent research but was also inspired by the amazing biorefineries of nature.

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