Discovering Ecohelix Through the Eyes of Our Team: A Perspective on How We´re Making a Difference

Ecohelix makes a difference and provides a great place to work for curious people. We are on a journey to make our daily lives more sustainable by using wood-based materials. Our mission is to reshape the way we utilize resources and materials, enhance circularity and provide sustainable alternatives to fossil-based materials. Our work is based on science, careful research, being curios, respecting the nature and a commitment to meeting expectations.

We’ve taken the opportunity to engage with our dedicated Ecohelix team members and gain insight into their perspective on the company as both a workplace and a force for change. We’ve created two captivating videos that allow you to hear directly from the individuals who drive our mission.

In these short interviews, you’ll have the chance to hear from some of our team members, including Rikard Slättegård our R&D Lead, Christina Orlando Ecohelix Process Engineer, Lisa Höglund, our Laboratory Engineer, Nicola Giummarella, Senior Researcher at Ecohelix and Daniel Jonsson our Key Account Manager. Each one of them plays a unique role in Ecohelix, contributing to our collective goals and making a significant impacting and what makes us different.

In the first video, our team explains the problems Ecohelix is solving and what makes us different.

The second video offers insights into why Ecohelix is such a great place to work, as shared by our team members, and how their individual skills contribute to our ongoing success.

So just sit back and enjoy the stories from innovative and curious people!