Ecohelix polymers

Our products are wood based high performing amphiphilic polymers. They have a relatively high and tunable molecular weight range and range of useful functional groups.  They are thermally and freeze/thaw stable and can withstand long storage times. The polymers are currently available for cooperation partners in 1-10 kg-scale and envisioned to be available at the end of 2020 in 100 kg - 1 tn scale through our demo scale production unit. 

The Ecohelix polymers can replace petroleum-based products such as vinyl alcohols, acetates and surfactants as well as food-crop based products (such as starches and alkyl polyglucosides) with a highly sustainable, biodegradable, high performance product which reduces CO2 emissions and adds value to the pulp industry. Ecohelix can tap into a large and stable availability of raw material that pulping processes create.