Based on biotechnology

The Ecohelix technology is a biomimetic process that copies a reaction that occurs during wood formation. We just harnessed this enzymatic process that had been perfected for millions of years into an industrially applicable technology.



New ideas meets years of industrial experience

Ecohelix received an investment from an experienced industrial actor

Mr. Dick Carrick. This has enabled our team to significantly accelerate the

development of the technology and establish our value chain.



High performance polymer product

With our proprietary processing method we have been able to produce a polymer that outperforms some of the current polymer products on the market. With further development we believe to find more and more market space for our sustainable, non-food based polymer.



State of the art analysis and equipment

Our laboratory is located at the Greenhouse labs where we have access to the whole instrument park of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). This is topped with our own specialised equipment that enables accurate scale-up from lab to pilot scale and beyond.

The development team